Thursday, March 5, 2015

Liberating your creative genius

Have you noticed yourself falling into repetitive cycles and feeling like your life isn’t as creative, juicy or adventurous as it once was? 
If so, you’re not alone. The need to create — to “self express” — is embedded deep in our DNA. It is key to feeling that your life has meaning and to our survival as a species.   
When your creative channel is open and flowing, you feel aligned with the sacred flow of life; challenges transform seemingly magically into opportunities as you realize more and more of your soul’s potential. 
And yet, so much of our culture conspires against creativity — asking you to behave in ways that squash your natural exuberance, subdue your natural energy and diminish your creative range.   
Fortunately, there’s an antidote, and the world’s leading creativity expert, Michael Gelb, is here to share it with you during a free virtual event happening Wednesday, March 11 at 5:30 pm Pacific: Reigniting Your Creativity: How to Open Blocked Channels & Liberate Your Genius. 
This call is FREE, but you must reserve your space here:
During this session, you’ll learn key principles for igniting and sustaining the fire of genius in you, such as: 
  • How to awaken your Creative Universal Energy (CUE)
  • Practices that help you “clear the static” that can block your ability to tune in to your genius
  • Ways to develop an “attitude of genius” – like Leonardo da Vinci
Michael Gelb is a New York Times bestselling author and considered one of the foremost thought leaders on the application of genius-thinking to personal and organizational development. 
But Michael Gelb is first and foremost a fascinating, creative adventurer whose quest for self-actualization has taken him across the globe, working with qi gong masters to startup executives, juggling on stage with the Rolling Stones, and flowing his personal creative genius into 14 books on the topic!   
And while the information he is going to share will be profoundly valuable, the spark you will experience by simply being in his presence during this event will most certainly ignite your own creative fire. 
And the good news is that this virtual event is free! Register here:

Celestial Light

PS - If you’re ready to master the principles of joyful creativity to be the fulfilled, empowered, awake and alive being you are meant to me— don’t miss your opportunity to connect with New York Times bestselling author Michael Gelb for this inspiring free event.  
Register here:
A downloadable recording will be provided to all registered participants!


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